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Collaborative Projects

You do the directing, they do the work

Along with Hugo Meijs (www.hugomeijs.nl) Eimert Vermeulen organises workshops where you can learn to regain control, control over yourself and your team. In a real theatre, you get to go to work with the best actors in the Netherlands and work as a director. You are there to set goals, to promote the mission and the vision, and to check whether the expectations are actually met. A director is the first audience, so you represent the customer and let your professionals do the work.

One minute coach

Eimert Vermeulen collaborate with Victor Mion ofOne Minute Coaching. (www.oneminutecoaching.nl)         One Minute Coaching does not coach content but mental attitude. The ideas come from sports. How can you recognise your own mental attitude and that of others? How can you influence the mental attitude of yourself and others? There are programs for various target groups: One Minute Coach, 60 Seconds to Impress and Clear Communication.

Quality of Work and Absence

In collaboration with Mark Bourgonjen of Bourgonjen Bedrijfsmedisch advies and partner in WGA-control, Belastbaarheid.nu en Casemanagement-group, we organise training and events on Quality of Work and Absence.

The 4-Room Model of Change

Working with Hugo Meijs (www.hugomeijs.nl) I am Consultancy organises a 4-Room Model of Change experience. Participants experience the 4 rooms in a non-business setting. They gain insight into where they stand themselves and learn to use the associated emotions in a better way. Among our customers for this experience were the 1,500 employees of CIZ.


Because I am Consultancy works with the best Executive Actors in the Netherlands, we can successfully take on large projects.

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