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In close collaboration with you, I am Consultancy seeks a suitable offering that does justice to your question. To this aim, we use a number of classes that have already proven their quality. All these classes can be given individually or in groups. The Power Class can even take 200 people.


  • Power Class

There are 9 ways one can get someone else to do something. If you know, recognise and can use all 9, the world is at your feet. You can start choosing behaviour instead of behaviour being imposed on you based on context.?The question in this class is whether you want to be able to tempt the world or be seduced by the world. How independent are you??The Reverse Power Class covers how to act when one of the 9 ways is used against you. There is a special Power Class for Leaders, Consultants and Vendors.

  • The Resistance Class

Resistance is good because it signals the beginning of change. In the resistance class you will discover that 75% of the resistance you experience is actually no resistance at all.?You will learn to hear yes every time someone says no and how to use it. Real resistance can be shown in one of four different ways. You will learn to distinguish between content and form, and how to handle each one. The resistance class is a follow-up class to the power class.

  • The Director Class

People are at their best when they feel that they are sitting at the wheel; it is then that they feel that they can provide direction to their lives and to their work.?There are many things in the big bad world that can keep us from taking responsibility for ourselves. In the director class you will learn how to return the control back into your hands.

  • The Presentation Class

An energising goal. Managed expectations. Resources that contribute towards achieving the goal. Active trigger methods. A good start and a good end and exciting moments where you want them. There will always be movement whenever you present.?Combination with the Catwalk possible. An exercise in which you will learn to present your best side.

  • The Mental Resilience Class

Everyone knows that your best performance comes under pressure. But work, colleagues, your manager, your customer, the back office or the mail can create tension, anger or make you want to give up ahead of time. There's nothing wrong with that. But how quickly can you recover?

  • The Behaviour Class

One of the specialities of I am Consultancy is the study of play.?Through play, we can already see what type of behaviour is desired and, from it, draw a picture. It may be that finding the desired behaviour in difficult situations takes the form of a peer review, producing a definition of the behaviour required for a particular competency, or even examining behaviours associated with a culture.

  • The Process Facilitators Class

Being a Process Facilitator can be very demanding. Thinking on different levels, acting on different levels and a behavioural repertoire that contributes to the session's goal; in the facilitators class you will learn how to find the right balance between control and release.

  • The Setting Boundaries Class

Saying No to something is OK if you know at point you would say Yes. In the Setting Boundaries class you will learn how to say Yes and No on your terms.

  • The Strategy Class

Only too often the issue of the day take precedence over achieving long-term targets. The heart of the issue is that we fight fires without really looking at what is required in support of the bigger picture. In the Strategy Class, we examine why that is; together, you develop your own mantra that provides you with direction, and we practice Choosing your Role in different situations. We then put this into practice using your own case studies.

  • The Consultancy Class

See also Power Class for Consultants. This class can be expanded as required.

  • The Leadership Class

The Leadership Class: Dare to be There considers all aspects of leadership and will be tailored to your organisation.

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