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Who I am

Eimert Vermeulen studied at the Maastricht Theatre Academy and the HB Studio in New York. He worked as a stage actor, director and producer in the Netherlands and Belgium. Since 1993 he has worked as an executive actor and director in trade and industry. He was employed by Factor acteurs, LTP Amsterdam and Sense of Leadership, among others. In 2008, he founded I am Consultancy.

Eimert Vermeulen is an actor and director in the Corporate World, specialising in the human factors of change. How do you retain control, of yourself and of others? What does change mean for your mental resilience and how can you control this? How does change in groups work and how do you manage it? How do you present your changes? Do people look forward to changes? How do you teach people to focus on what is there, rather than what is not? How do you create support? What is the proper balance between telling and asking?

I am Consultancy is specialised in doing, in trying things out together and in studying the behaviour that corresponds to the desired situation. This means asking the right questions, as well as providing the optimal answer. It is important that those answers and goals fit into a larger whole.

Playing together, choosing roles, accepting the challenge, acting your own play, giving a clear & unambiguous performance, enticing, captivating and touching people are the things that I am Consultancy can transfer from the stage to the Corporate World. I am Consultancy creates a relaxed and respectful learning environment in which there is plenty of room for fun.


Facts are fixed, but luckily,

how one deals with those facts is a choice.

An understanding of this freedom of choice

creates room for something new.

  Corporate training and coaching consultantAs a trainer/coach, Eimert Vermeulen is specialized in Leadership DevelopmentEimert Vermeulen works with leading Dutch executives and international managers.